Steam Jet Ejectors for the Process Industries,
2nd edition, by Robert Power.

In 2006, I republished this book as the 2nd edition. McGraw-Hill published the 1st edition in 1993, with quality problems in all the graphics. In 1994 a second printing corrected those mistakes. When McGraw-Hill declared the book out of print, the copyrights reverted to me. I republished the book to supply the small yearly replacement market, which I guessed to be in the range of 5-10% of the total sales of the first edition.

Publishing rules required this to be a new edition number because of the change in publisher (me). I decided to keep the technical content of the 2nd edition identical to that of the first edition (1994), with unchanged table of contents and index. Thus, most page-to-page comparisons will look identical, enabling two people working on a problem at separate locations to reference identical words and images in spite of the difference in edition numbers.


I shipped the last copy from the first printing in April 2008. Due to changes in my health, I can no longer handle the activities associated with printing and distributing books.

Electronic Version:

With the help of my daughter, I have prepared an electronic version (2nd "printing") that is fully searchable and printable. 

©Copyright Robert B. Power, 2011.
Last revised: May 23, 2011.